AW: [jdom-interest] JDOM Problems with JBuilder X

Thorsten Westmeier westmeier at
Tue Feb 17 06:00:04 PST 2004

I solved my new problem!
For others with the same problem: Simply replace the original jdom.lib in 
JBoss with the one of the new release.


At 09:51 15.02.2004, you wrote:
>My next idea was, to copy the new jdom version to a new created directory 
>for my updated libraries and in "tools", "configue libraries" I created 
>the new JDOM-B10 library and connected this with the new versioon of 
>"jdom.jar". In the project properties of my project I add the JDOM-B10 as 
>required library instead of the normal JDOM library, which I used before 
>and now I'm able to "make Project" or "rebuild Project" without any 
>problems or error messages.
>But deploying the EJB Modul with the Bean using JDOM onto my JBoss 3.2.3 
>leads to the following error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jdom/Content
>What's the problem there? I imported all JDOM-Classes by " import 
>org.jdom.* " in my own class.

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