[jdom-interest] Subclassing XMLOuputter

Bradley S. Huffman hip at cs.okstate.edu
Wed Feb 18 18:38:04 PST 2004

Is anyone overriding any of the following methods in XMLOutputter


Or should they be made private?  I think they should be private since there
is a better way to implement the function of printContentRange and
printTextRange. Hell last night I found yet another bug in printTextRange.

printString is a exact duplicate of printText so the one occurance can be
replaced with printText.

What about escapeAttributeEntities and escapeElementEntities? The ability to
escape unprintable chars is provided with EscapeStrategy.  Making them private
would only limit the format of escape characters.

Also what about the format instances userFormat, preserveFormat, and
currentFormat. I'm thinking userFormat should be private. preserveFormat should
be static final and either private or protected. currentFormat can remain
protected for subclass use.

Any thoughts?


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