[jdom-interest] IOException

Willie H Armstrong warmstr2 at csc.com
Tue Feb 24 15:47:20 PST 2004

Hello to all,

I am having a problem with the SaxBuilder throwing an IOException between
these two lines (369 to 372):
            // Parse the document.

            return contentHandler.getDocument();

I am using JDeveloper and had things working (had to 'get rid of' the
Oracle parser).  I ran the JUnit tests and the input files parsed just
fine. I added some Cactus/HttpUnit testing structure and the IOException
started being thrown.  Took the Cactus lib out of the project and it still
did not work.  The cactus lib was added to the bottom so it should be later
in the classpath.  In the debugger,  the 'in' variable has an apparently
valid input source (I take that value and plug it into a browser and it
finds the file).  While tracing, parser.parse(in) method is called and the
next thing the debugger shows is the SaxHandler being queried for the
Locator.  At this point the ContentHandler has what appears to be a valid
Document in it.  However, it never steps to return
contentHandler.getDocument().  It proceeds to the catch for the IOException
(via the finally which sets the contentHandler to null).

Is this the parser throwing the IOException?  it seems to find the file and
build a document.

Cactus.jar shows some JDOM oriented classes.  Could this be a problem?

Searched the archives under 'cactus' and 'IOException'.  Found a note about
IOException being 'added'/'revealed' between B8 and B9.

Thank you for looking at this.


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