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Jason Hunter jhunter at
Tue Feb 24 13:30:29 PST 2004

We had one, called JDOMAbout.  It parsed an XML info file and returned 
interesting information via JDOM, so it was nicely self referential.  We 
removed it a while ago (code's still in CVS) because it required an XML 
parser, and that required a Class-Path in the JAR, and that meant that 
an applet using JDOM would mistakenly try to pull down a JAR from the 
server.  Bah.  We could do it without using XML, but what fun is that? 
Maybe mildly interesting.  If you want to tweak JDOMAbout, feel free. 
We might include it in 1.0 or 1.0.1.


William Krick wrote:

> If I recall, suggested some time ago that the JDOM jars should be made
> "executable" with a trivial main() method in one of the classes that can pop
> up a window with version info when the jar is double clicked.  I can't
> remember what the response was.
> I've seen this done in other libraries.  Usually, they add a class called
> something like Version or VersionInfo that includes the main() method that
> is launched by double clicking the jdom jar.
> It's fairly easy to implement.  It should probably use AWT rather than swing
> to be compatible with the most versions of Java.  It should read the version
> info that it displays from a properties file in the jar, possibly from the
> manifest file.
> I'd even be willing to write it and contribute it if no-one else wants to do
> it.
> ...
> Krick
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>>Pandia, Rajesh wrote:
>>>How do I know what JDOM version is installed on my machine by just
>>>looking at the JAR files ?
>>The manifest file within the JAR lists the version.  The .class files
>>also have their specific CVS version within them, available if you run
>>"strings" on them.
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