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      elt3.addContent(new CDATA(elt.getText()));
This works, but I got depreciation a warning and I only get the text
portions of the element.  How can I get the textual representation of
everything including tags like <br/>?
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I am not sure I follow.
My code is as follows:
Element elt0 = new Element("story");
Element elt1 = (Element) xpath.selectSingleNode(docJDOM);
This is currently serialized as:
       Test test test <br/>
       Test test test <br/>
       Test test test <br/>
I need it to be as follows:
> Use XMLOutputter.outputElementContent to output the element's content.
> Output "]]>".
This assumes you element doesn't contain any CDATA descendants, anything
else that might produce a "]]>" <story>
       Test test test <br/>
       Test test test <br/>
       Test test test <br/>
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