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Fri Jan 9 06:07:42 PST 2004


It's there because the element is in no namespace and because the
default namespace
at that point is "http://domain1/path1".

However, I don't see how you could even arrive at the first element,
since the
envelope prefix is undeclared? Or did you leave it out?

When you are dealing with namespaces and constructing elements, ALWAYS
use the namespace versions of the Element constructors. If you
don't specify the namesapce, the element will have NO namespace, not the
namespace of its parent.


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> Hello 
> I have been using JDOM for a short while and am very happy.
> I have come across a problem today
> I want to produce something like this
> <envelope:MessageBody 
> xmlns="http://domain1/path1" 
> xsi:schemaLocation="http://domain1/path 
http://domain1/path/MyFavourite.xsd" xsi:type="MyFavourite_body">


However, what I am getting is this in the MyFavourite element.

<MyFavourite xmlns="">

When I create MyFavourite with the Element constructor, I am not adding
a Namespace or any type of attribute so why is it there ? Can it be
removed ?



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