[jdom-interest] variable evaluation in XPATH expression

Alastair Rodgers alastair.rodgers at phocis.com
Thu Jan 22 02:22:37 PST 2004

Something like the following should do it:

XPath xpath = new JDOMXPath("/*/*/subcategory[@mappedname=$map]");
SimpleVariableContext vars = new SimpleVariableContext();
vars.setVariableValue(null, "map", "europe");
Element result = (Element)xpath.selectSingleNode(doc);


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Hi all,
Iam using jdom for xml parsing....so to search a particular element in a xml iam using XPATH and iam trying to construct XPATH expression dynamically....is it possible to use variables inside XPATH expression....like
String map="europe";
XPath servletPath = XPath.newInstance("/*/*/subcategory[@mappedname=map]");

Iam eagerly waiting for reply...

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