[jdom-interest] Why does my namespace alias disappear?

Frédéric Laurent fl at opikanoba.org
Thu Jan 29 23:43:50 PST 2004

> Hi,
> The input xml file contains 97 "hasRefs" elements like:   <hasRefs
> rdf:resource="#SMOOSH0000000053r"/>.
> The output  file also contains 97 "hasRefs" elements, but 50 of them come
> out without the "rdf:" namespace alias:
>  <hasRefs resource="#SMOOSH0000000053r"/>
> Why would that happen?

what is your version of jdom ?

it works for me (with the beta 9 version) ...
with corrections in your java and xml samples...

I have in the result file
        <hasRefs rdf:resource="#SMOOSH0000000006r" />


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