[jdom-interest] The list is live again

Jason Hunter jhunter at xquery.com
Tue Jun 15 11:21:17 PDT 2004

Hi everyone,

So it looks like the mailing list is working again.

As all of you have probably noticed, it's been down since May 23rd.  The 
problem was that the box hosting jdom.org had a serious crash and had to 
be reinstalled and restored.  I was in Europe on vacation at the time 
(Murphy's Law says when your box implodes it will be when you're in a 
tiny Italian village).  I had enough internet access to guide some of 
the restore process but not enough access (or desire at the time, let's 
be honest) to dig in deep to make sure everything worked correctly. 
Among the things that didn't come back correctly right away were 
anonymous CVS (now working) and the mailing list (now working).

I believe we're back up to speed now.  If you have an anonymous CVS 
checkout, please verify it's working for you the same as it used to. 
All the people who wrote me about the dead list, feel free to post your 
questions and answers again.

So no, JDOM isn't dead.  The box just had a little temper tantrum when I 
went away.  We're still going to do 1.0, and going to do it as quickly 
as we can manage.  I'm closing on a new house tomorrow, moving in over 
the next week and a half, so it probably won't be til after that. 
Things like getting a fridge have priority.  I apologize.  The time 
spent on the restore I would have enjoyed using on the code.


P.S.  Thanks to James Duncan Davidson for overseeing the restore process 
in my absence.  You can tell I trust the guy -- I let him authorize at 
his discretion the $125/hr charges the ISP hit me with for the restore 
work.  That's $875 of trust.  And yes, I may pass around the hat later.  :)

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