[jdom-interest] What about 1.0?

Jason Hunter jhunter at xquery.com
Fri Jun 25 14:38:12 PDT 2004

The plan is to ship 1.0 as soon as I have the time to go over the last 
remaining small items.  I apologize, but my schedule's been crazy since 
April.  Business travel, vacation travel, buying a house, moving to the 
house, driving a big project at the day job, carving time to spend with 
the new wife, now finding time to unbox the office, and of course fixing 
jdom.org which entirely crashed and had to be restored.

Bottom line: JDOM 1.0 is on my to do list but hasn't made it to the top yet.

What I'm going to do is come up with a list of the small remaining 
items, post it to the list, see what others can help with, and hopefully 
take some load off and speed things up by getting me out of the critical 


phil at triloggroup.com wrote:

> I'm sorry to insist periodically on this subject, but don't you think 
> that it is now time to officially release 1.0? JDOM is stable and 
> performs correctly. Other optimizations and enhancements may now be 
> delayed to a future version.
> Most of us need an official and stable version to release libraries and 
> products based on top of JDOM. We already suffer a lot because of the 
> different releases packaged with the web application servers or third 
> party products, and their set of incompatibilities. People writting 
> books or articles also need it to be frozen.
> What is the plan? 

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