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M.Novosselov novosselovm at 3web.net
Thu May 6 21:54:16 PDT 2004

Hello everybody,

here is my story: I have GML file (GML is based on XML). It contains some element with 
name like "gml:Point" and attributes with names "gml:id".
I can pass it throught SAXBuilder and it works perfectly and I can print out this names.
It will print "Point", if I use getName(), and "gml:Point", if I use getQualifiedName().
Same works for attribute. Now I need to create elements and attributes whose names starts with "gml:", and here is where I'm getting exceptions, as xml elements' and attributes' names can not have colon in it. And there is no such function like setQualifiedName(). So question is : Is there a some way to get around of it or I have to use some other means for creating output file?
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