[jdom-interest] NEWBIE needs help: first steps with JDOM

Klopocki, Bartek klopocki at imm.net
Wed Oct 13 08:38:42 PDT 2004

Hello @ all,

How do I start now programming with JDOM? Do you know some good 
approaches on the net? I read the articles mentioned on jdom.org, 
but they were to "fast" for a newb. 
Please, could anyone of you possibly send me a complete java file 
with a real and simple example that shows me how it sholud be built? 
The more different ideas I get the more I'll understand, mh?

My actual intention is to save my drawing application, with several lines,
text nodes
and other line attributes into a xml file. And I hope JDOM is the right
decision. :-)

Many thanks in advance!


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