[jdom-interest] My use of JDOM

Iván Martel ivan at omada.tv
Wed Oct 20 16:37:26 PDT 2004

Congratulations for your new version 1.

I have been using JDOM for Web development for over
a year (6 proyects) and it has been used suceedingly

To load configurations files

As a poor-man SOAP client. Great you've got namespaces

As a poor-man XMLDB. To integrate various Elements in a caching system 
and perform rapid XPath searchs, and cached XSLT transformation of 
those results to obtain great (<1ms) performance. 

To generate XML from a database query...

JDOMSource(List) is a life-saver allowing multiple threads
to share Elements in a transformation.

You are making XML usable.

¿Whats the use of parent in Conent/Parent? ¿WHy
should a Conent know who's its parent?


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