[jdom-interest] SAXParser Parsing Problem

Ross Bleakney rossbleakney at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 29 16:53:11 PDT 2004

I get the following error when I parse my XML:

org.jdom.IllegalTargetException: The target "xml" is not legal for JDOM/XML 
Processing Instructions: Processing instructions cannot have a target of 
"xml" in any combination of case. (Note that the "<?xml ... ?>" declaration 
at the beginning of a document is not a processing instruction and should 
not be added as one; it is written automatically during output, e.g. by 

The xml has, of course, this at the top:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

If I remove this, something really strange happens. I get the XML inside an 
HTML document. For example, if the XML is this:


I get this (after parsing):


Here is my code:

        SAXBuilder saxBuilder = new 
        Document document = saxBuilder.build(file);

I've tried with the default parser and got the same result (I haven't tried 
other parsers).

Has anyone seen either one of these problems?


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