[jdom-interest] Schema Validation

Kevin L. Cobb kevin.cobb at emergint.com
Thu Aug 11 07:26:52 PDT 2005

This may be slightly off topic for JDOM but I'm hoping its close enough.
I've done the appropriate GOOGLEing for the answer but just can't seem
to figure it out. 
I am trying to implement schema validation BUT my schema is on the file
system, not on a web server. I keep getting an error in the SAX parser,
"no protocol" which I assume means it can't find the schema (this could
be an incorrect assumption but I don't know at this point). Here is my
code. I'm setting the variable, schemaURI, to a URI like
    SAXBuilder builder = new
    builder.setErrorHandler(new MySAXChecker()); 
    // turn on schema support
NamespaceSchemaLocation", schemaURI);
    try {
    catch (JDOMException e) {
      System.out.println("Source xml is not well-formed.");
    catch (IOException e) {
      System.out.println("Could not get source XML: " + e.getMessage());

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