[jdom-interest] Additional functionality for class org.jdom.filter.ElementFilter?

Michael Kordt kordt at uni-wuppertal.de
Tue Jul 5 03:46:12 PDT 2005

Bradley S. Huffman wrote:
> Michael Kordt writes:
>>So if these possibilities of retrieving filtering criteria really do not exis
>>in the current JDOM release, I'd like to suggest adding them in the next rele
>>(probably JDOM 1.1?) - this would be a small but convenient enhancement to an
>>already very comfortable and easy-to-use API for processing XML documents.
> So your suggesting getName(), setName(), getNamespace(), setNamespace(). Hmmm
> ContentFilter has getters and setters, it seems reasonable that other filters
> should too.
> Brad

Adding getName() and getNameSpace() would be very appreciated... :-)

However I am not sure if the corresponding setters would be very useful. My 
experience with JDOM is rather limited until now, but my idea about an element 
filter is that, once created, I may (of course!) reuse it for filtering 
according to its specific criteria, but when I want to apply different filtering 
criteria (i. e. different element name and/or namespace) later on I would 
suggest creating a new filter instead of manipulating the criteria of the 
existing one.

I don't know if you agree with that (as I said before I am rather a JDOM newbie, 
therefore my perspective may be somewhat narrow) - I just wanted to point out my 
notion of element filters and their use in view of your proposal to even provide 
setName() and setNamespace() within the ElementFilter class.


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