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Thanks for your answer. I think I do understand about the xml declaration 
and it can be added when serialized in JDOM using the XMLOutputter class.
I think my problem comes down to the question;

Do I really serialize the xml when doing a XSLT tranformation?


At 16:55 20/06/2005, you wrote:
>The XML declaration isn't a node in the tree model. It's something you can 
>possibly cause to be added when the document is serialized - but I don't 
>know enough about JDOM's serializer to be sure.
>Michael Kay
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>Thanks Kay,
>But I still have the same problem. How do I include the XML Declaration 
>into my JDOM document.
>At 15:27 20/06/2005, you wrote:
>>I have a problem including a process instruction. I want to include the 
>>following PI
>><?xml encoding='EUC-JP'?>
>>This isn't a
>>processing instruction. It is an XML declaration. They use the same
>>syntax, but a processing instruction can never be named
>>Michael Kay
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