[jdom-interest] Using JDOM with ATG

Ken Roberts ken at 9ci.com
Tue Mar 1 11:56:04 PST 2005

Not familiar with ATG, but I have used JBoss and came up with a similar

In JBoss, the default class loader setting allows "friendly" class
loading, where if you have ear A and ear B with the same classes in it,
and A loaded first, the references in B for a class will actually get
the class from A.

This is not a problem unless the class in A and B are of a different

There is a setting in an xml file in the ear that turns it off for
JBoss.  Not sure where it would be (or if this is even the problem) in

It sounds like something else in your app server uses either JDom or
xerces, and your ear contains a different version which happens to load
first or at least conflicts with the existing implementation in some

I'm under the impression that quite a few app servers have this
behavior, by the way.  As far as I've heard, all versions which behave
like this have a switch somehow that lets you turn it back to

On Tue, 2005-03-01 at 12:08, Edelson, Justin wrote:

> I've used this combination without issue in the past and I don't see
> how
> just putting JDOM in the classpath could cause errors on startup. What
> specifically happened? 
> Incidentally, I don't think you need to put xerces.jar in the
> classpath.
> I'm pretty sure Dynamo comes with it's own JAXP implementation
> (probably
> some older version of Xerces). 
> Justin 
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> > I am interested in using JDOM with ATG.
> > 
> > We are running ATG 5.6.1.
> > 
> > How does one configure ATG to allow me to use JDOM.  I have 
> > placed jdom.jar and xerces.jar in the classpath  but all that 
> > did was cause a bunch of errors when the server started up.
> > 
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