[jdom-interest] Test - Expanding <script> element.

Daniel Rubio markup at osmosislatina.com
Wed Mar 16 12:40:10 PST 2005

Just replicated the "would-be" bug, here is what I found out from making 
the test:
                .- This behavior happens only if the input/document has 
a defined Doctype, in this case XHTML Strict or Transitional
                .- If there is no Doctype in the input/document the 
behavior is as expected, not even the xml:space="preserve" attribute is 
added to the output.

   What baffles me now is what JAR/Library in the stack takes this 
Doctype input and produces an altered final output (The not expanding 
the particular script tag appropriately and adding the 
xml:space="preserve" attribute) .

Any ideas (Xerces , Jaxen or something else in JDOM ) ?  

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