[jdom-interest] Test - Expanding <script> element.

Bradley S. Huffman hip at a.cs.okstate.edu
Mon Mar 21 19:00:24 PST 2005

Jason Hunter writes:

> If we were to place this functionality in a method, wouldn't it make 
> sense to use just a single method?  It just doesn't seem right to have 
> each of the static factory methods also include an optional template 
> parameter.  I'm not sure what the one method would be named.  Something 
> like format.setSubsetFrom(old) but that's a terrible name.  The idea 
> though would be to set the pertinent fields from one onto another.  But 
> before worrying about it's name, maybe you could explain more why 
> subclassers would be better served by a method?

How would that work? getRawFormat() knows what fields it sets and what fields
it doesn't, but nothing else should. Same with getCompactFormat() and

> My vision was to change preserveFormat from a static to an instance 
> variable and to let its behavior related to the above 3 properties vary 
> according to the currentFormat rules.  No API change, just a bug fix.

I start to put code in XMLOutputter.setFormat to copy all fields from
userFormat to preserveFormat except the ones related to formating (setIndent
and setTexMode). But then if a field was ever added to Format or the text modes
change, then we'd have to remember to also change XMLOutputter. It just seemed
better to keep things in one place.


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