[jdom-interest] WYSIWYG text+img editor

Paul Libbrecht paul at activemath.org
Thu Sep 8 14:18:55 PDT 2005

There certainly isn't any standard on this !!!
Moreover, very little open-source implementations exist.
I have attempted this once, and a student of mine for a second time, 
and I still believe that the only good way to do this is to have 
mutations (such as character insertion) as first-class objects so that 
you can offer undoes.

As for the run of text... well... that's quite trivial, you need 
something like javax.swing.text.GapContent, ie., all texts to be based 
on one such storage (make a subclass of org.jdom.Text that uses this as 
text storage, bound by javax.swing.text.Position objects).
Only then you can insert things easily and cheaply.

As for insert or runs of images... why can't you use the methods 
offered by JDOM, at least the ones in ListIterator on the children ?
(presuming users don't insert images as fast as they type!)


Le 8 sept. 05, à 16:33, Kevin Chiu a écrit :

> Maybe there is a standard model for WYSIWYG XML-based editors and I'm
> just missing it?

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