[jdom-interest] XSL-FO reverse engineer

Alan Boldock alan at boldenterprise.com.au
Fri Apr 14 22:42:17 PDT 2006

Hi Group, 

I do hope this group is still active?  

I have an issue that I've been asked to resolve (no sorry my boss as said
fix it or else!) 

We have a proprietary system that generates XSL-FO output. This output is
then formatted into PDF files and sent out by various methods (email, fax,

The data is medical pathology results (however that’s not important) 

What I need to do is take these XSL-FO files and somehow get them back into
raw XML format for further processing by another system. I do have access to
the XSL file that generates these XSL-FO files. 

Now it's been a long time since I've tinkered with Java so pointers to if
JDom is the correct technology for this and/or alternatives that I might
need to look at. 

I'm happy to do a bunch of research on this project as it's fairly mission

Thanks for your help

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