[jdom-interest] Parsing an XML Schema

Kevin POCHAT kpochat at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 00:57:27 PDT 2006

True, the XML Schema never declares a root element for its instances (valid
xml files), but there is one for the schema itself (the <schema> tag).
Seeing your answer, I can't hold myself to ask you this : Are you trying to
parse your XML Schema file (.xsd) ? or your XML files valid against your
schema (.xml or anything else) ?

2006/7/31, enis enis <enis_ch2001 at yahoo.fr>:
> The problem is that a schema does not define a "root" element , and that's
> the main point for me, because I need to work on the file (xml schema or
> dtd) as a tree structure, it means the parsing must start by the root
> element and then the chidren of the current element (from left to right ->
> prefix). So how can I do that ?
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