[jdom-interest] Streaming JDOM

Gregor Zeitlinger gregor at zeitlinger.de
Mon Jul 24 11:24:12 PDT 2006

On 7/24/06, Paul Libbrecht <paul at activemath.org> wrote:
> I have long been caressing the idea of a stream of JDOM elements...
> here's how I would see this:
> One configures the streamer to fully jdom-load all elements matching a
> given name or ancestry-path,
That's a good idea, too (we've discussed this in previous posts of this thread)
I am more interested in parsing the whole tree without building an
in-memory tree.

> or with a configurable stream-filter which SAX-listens.
I find SAX to be too inconvenient, which is the point of having a
better streaming API.

> One lets the streamer call one's stream-listener, or the converse, with
> a jdom object of the indicated node, all loaded. Using to the children
> of the node is JDOM... which we all know.
> Navigating to the ancestors of the node should always be possible, as
> JDOM again, but they would not have other descendants.
sounds good for what you're trying to achive.

> I believe this would bring the comfortable JDOM manipulations along with
> the performances of streaming-API.
This is a compromise, because some XML subtrees are still loaded, if I
understand correctly.

Gregor Zeitlinger
gregor at zeitlinger.de

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