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I use SAXBuilder to parse and add an extra element to an existing WSDL
file. I am facing problem for WSDLs which have & in their namespace
declaration. When I use XMLOutputter to write back the changed WSDL
"&" gets replaced with "&".


This happens only with extra namespaces. That is "&" in
targetNameSpace and in rest of the WSDL document remain same, however
"&" in other namespace declarations change.


Here is a simple code snippet that I use:

SAXBuilder builder = new SAX...;

Document doc = Builder.build(InputStream);


// Add some elements to doc


XMLOutputter out = new XMLOut...

Out.output(doc, OutputStream);


"tns" namespce in <wsdl:definitions> has value
<http://abc.com/?a=b&amp;c=d> http://abc.com?a=b&amp;c=d which gets
converted to  <http://abc.com/?a=b&c=d> http://abc.com?a=b&c=d. This
results in invalid WSDL document as "&" is a preserved entity.


With Regards,

Aniruddha Deshpande


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