[jdom-interest] OutOfMemoryError

Paul Hunnisett Paul.Hunnisett at uwe.ac.uk
Mon May 8 06:39:36 PDT 2006

I work on a university portal where our channels are developed as portlets.

I recently started a new portlet which would act as a client to a Web 
service.  The WS returned a DOM which would then be passed to an XSL 
transform.  I decided that this was a good opportunity to test JDOM in 
anger and convert the returned DOM in to JDOM before anything else 
happens to it.

The problem is that after only a little interaction with the portlet I 
get an OutOfMemoryError that brings down the whole portal.  I'm 
confident that it's JDOM that causes this as we have several other 
channels which do the same thing with standard DOM and cause no such 

All of the returned documents are small.

My initial impression of JDOM is very good, but unless we can fix this 
then it's not going to be an option for us.

I've already tried increasing the VM memory allocation abd still get the 
same problem - as well as grinding my workstation to a crawl!

Any help would be much appreciated.


Paul Hunnisett

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