[jdom-interest] ampersand entity parsing

tballen at Copart.Com tballen at Copart.Com
Wed Oct 18 06:37:32 PDT 2006

Thanks for that tip.
I'll try putting a break point on the characters method and see if it 
is invoked twice in this case.

At 04:16 AM 10/18/2006, Michael Kay wrote:
> >
> > I have a text node like:
> > <name>Peter &amp; Paul</name>
> >
> > The parser returns only:
> > Peter
> >
> > It seems to stop right at the ampersand and then moves on to
> > the next element.
> > No parsing errors occur.
> > I'm using Xerces as the SAX parser.
>SAX can break up a text node into multiple calls of the characters() method
>any way that the parser likes. It's the application's job to assemble the
>pieces. It's quite common for parsers to make one call for each sequence of
>characters that were adjacent in the input buffer, which means that the text
>will break at an entity reference.
>Michael Kay

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