[jdom-interest] Imcompatibility with GPL

Tatu Saloranta cowtowncoder at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 28 08:27:51 PDT 2006

--- Paul Libbrecht <paul at activemath.org> wrote:

> > Has anyone considered removing or changing the
> minor issues that make 
> > JDOM incompatible
> > with GPL? Its a shame that I have to change to
> another XML parser. =(
> Katja,
> to my taste this incompatibility is pure formal
> purity wish of the FSF 
> and has never been applied in practice. Of course,

How unusual. FSF being purist. ;-)

> if you want to go to 
> Savannah, you have to obey this but why not go,
> e.g., to Sourceforge or 
> some other instead ?
> Also note... JDOM also needs a (SAX) parser... do
> you have a 
> GPL-compatible one ?

For what it's worth, Piccolo seems to be LGPL. JDK
already comes with Xerces (1.5, Crimson for 1.4) so
assuming one is allowed to run GPL code on non-pure
platform it can also be used. And of course, there's
at least one Stax parser that is also licensed under
LGPL (usable via StaxBuilder I wrote earlier).
So there are a few choices regarding actual XML

-+ Tatu +-

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