[jdom-interest] Imcompatibility with GPL

Edelson, Justin Justin.Edelson at mtvn.com
Thu Sep 28 10:00:06 PDT 2006

>because the JDOM license uses 4 clauses to say 
>what most Modified BSD licenses say ion 3. 

IANAL, but the 3rd and 4th clauses in the JDOM license appear quite different than the 3rd clause in the Modified BSD. Clause 3 of Modified BSD is about using the names of authors/contributors to endorse/promote derivitave works where Clause 3 and 4 of the JDOM license is about using the name "JDOM" to endore/promote and name derivitave works.

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Tatu Saloranta wrote:

> It would first be necessary to know what these issues
> are.

I'm not sure the JDOM license actually is incompatible. There may be 
some confusion at the FSF because the JDOM license uses 4 clauses to say 
what most Modified BSD licenses say ion 3. Therefore, they make think 
it's the incompatible 4-clause original BSD license instead of the 
compatible 3-clause modified BSD license.

This is a good reason not to go making up your own licenses. Even if 
they're legally correct, they just confuse people.

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