[jdom-interest] Two namespace-questions

Jose manuel Corrales cove00 at gmail.com
Thu May 17 02:39:05 PDT 2007

Can I recover with jdom all the nodes of a document xml that call equally??
To extract xml.
My code

SAXBuilder builder=new SAXBuilder(false);

        Document doc=builder.build("file.xml");

       Element raiz=doc.getRootElement();

        List chapter=raiz.getChildren("CHAPTER");
        Iterator i = chapter.iterator();
        while (i.hasNext()){
            Element e= (Element)i.next();

             Element section =e.getChild("SECTION");
             List sectionHijos=e.getChildren("SECTION");

         XMLOutputter out = new XMLOutputter();
          FileWriter writer = new FileWriter("TestVarios2.xml");

example :



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