[jdom-interest] HELP! I am new to JDOM, can I create and read XML documents that contains Japnese characters? Please reply soon, URGENT!! Thanks!

Angela Amoateng angela.amoateng at kcl.ac.uk
Sun May 20 09:41:07 PDT 2007

Hi all at JDOM,

I am a computer science student at King's College London, University of 
London and I am currently building a system using Java and XML(an 
English to Japanese translator and tutor) for my final year project and 
I have a TIGHT DEADLINE! I am good at Java, but I am new to XML and 
JDOM, although I am aware of how DOM level 1 and SAX works.

In my project, one XML document, will have a list of English words and 
phrases with their Japanese translation and in another XML document I 
will have a list of Japanese words and phrases with the English 

I would like to know if three things are possible using the JDOM:

1)Does  JDOM recognise and create an XML document containing Japanese 
characters, specifically Hiragana? How will I go about this?

2) Can I create an XML document using JDOM, that will enable me to have an
"EqualsTo" function  for each word. For example, "apple" in Japanese is 
"ringo" so:

<word>apple = ringo <word>

3) Also, if a string input (which would be a word of Japanese or 
English) from a Java GUI is entered, that string input could be 
compared to the list of words in the XML document and return the value 
it equals to. For example, if the user enters "apple" in a JTextfield, 
it will return the value "ringo"

I hope you can answer this for me!! Thanks!!


Angela Amoateng
angela.amoateng at kcl.ac.uk

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