[jdom-interest] Different compiled jdom.jars makes some trouble

Jason Hunter jhunter at servlets.com
Mon Sep 24 20:20:59 PDT 2007

There is only one officially built JDOM 1.0 JAR and it wasn't compiled 
with Java 5.  Having two different JARs implies someone was doing 
something "interesting".  I recommend using the regular JDOM 1.0 JAR.

(I worry this is the kind of problem report we'd see a lot of if we did 
a Java 1.4 build and a Java 5 build, tho I too feel the pain of Java 5 
warning about every little collection related thing.)


Mario Becker-Reinhold wrote:
> Hello everybody.
> I have the following problem with two different jdom.jar files:
> I have downloadet the jakarta slide webdavclient api.
> I want to use the webdav protocoll to store files from a webbased lifecycle
> management system to a storage system.
> In the WEB-INF\lib folder there is already a jdom.jar existing which comes
> with the lifecycle management system (compiled with J2SE 1.4) and I found
> out, that the jdom.jar which comes with webdavclient api was compiled with
> J2SE 5.0. And there is the problem. The lifecycle management system does not
> support a java version greater than 1.4.2.
> Anyway, I replaced the file to look what happens. As expected there occur a
> lot of errors with the newer one...
> So my question is, can anybody give me a hint, how I can use both jar files?
> My approach is that it might be possible that I can download the source
> files, rename the packages and compile the jar file new? Okay, I know its a
> little bit confusing, but I dont know a better solution. Is this way even
> possible? I mean I tested the jdom.jar of the webdav api, the lifecycle
> management system run into some errors but it was possible to test all the
> required functions which I need of the webdav api. So I can transfer files
> from the system via webdav and a ssl connection into the storage. It works
> well, so I think it doesnt matter that the webdav jdom.jar runs under java
> version 1.4.2 for the webdav actions.
> A other approach which is a question: Is it possible to configure tomcat or
> the webdav api in that way, so that the webdav jdom.jar will only used for
> webdav action and the normal jdom.jar at all other actions?
> I hope you understand my bad english and can give me a hint/approach
> anyway?!
> Or did I overlook a compiled 1.4 version which works also with webdav client
> api?
> Best regards from munich, germany
> Mario Becker-Reinhold

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