[jdom-interest] problems with "indent"

Jason Hunter jhunter at servlets.com
Mon Sep 24 20:23:36 PDT 2007

Per the Javadocs of getFormat():

      * Returns the current format in use by the outputter.  Note the
      * Format object returned is a clone of the one used internally.

(It's a clone because formatting is not as simple as you might think.)

So you should make a Format and pass it in.  I'd recommend starting with 
Format.getPrettyFormat().  Then adjust the line ending from \r\n to just \n.


NP wrote:
> answering to myself:
> two possibile solutions:
> 1. we must get the reference to the format of the XMLOutputter, then 
> setting the indent line-separator parameters, and finally set the format
> e.g.
> XMLOutputter serializer = new XMLOutputter();                Format 
> format = serializer.getFormat();
> format.setIndent("   ");
> format.setLineSeparator("\n");
> serializer.setFormat(format);
> 2. else, simply, using getPrettyFormat() method:
> XMLOutputter serializer = new XMLOutputter();
> serializer.setFormat(serializer.getFormat().getPrettyFormat())
> (getPrettyFormat: two space to indent, and one newline...)
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