[jdom-interest] XPath and Jaxon

Rolf jdom at tuis.net
Tue Sep 13 03:10:52 PDT 2011

One of the reasons I have left the transforms to last is because I am 
least familiar with them. Essentially, unfamiliar with them... :( I have 
used transform to output DOM documents as files/strings, etc, but that's it.

For the moment my immediate goal is to 'cover' what we have, so that we 
can have a regression baseline. I looked at the XSLTransform class and 
figured it largely just leverages the JDOMSource and JDOMResult classes. 
I thus have focused on those first. Testing those has been quite easy by 
simply 'piping' the results of a JDOMSource transform back in to a 
JDOMResult. The guts of that process is using the XMLOutoutter, 
SAXOutputter and SAXBuilder anyway which is well covered too.

I think the improvement of the the efficiency of the process should be 
done after the regression baseline is established.

I will push this through as an issue though: 

I am confused about where the Saxon interface actually is .... for the 
moment the transforms are happening through the standard JAXP process.



On 13/09/2011 4:10 AM, Michael Kay wrote:
>> So, I think I will tackle the last remaing chunk of code (transforms),
>> and come back to the XPath later.... (Wednesday?)
> If you're looking at transform, it would be nice to see whether the
> interface to Saxon can be improved. At present, I think Saxon is being
> presented with a SAXSource and SAXResult so the JDOM source tree is
> reconstructed as a Saxon tree. Since Saxon is able to transform JDOM
> input directly, this is pretty inefficient.
> Using Saxon to deliver XPath 2.0 access, as an alternative to Jaxen,
> would also be quite feasible.
> (Also note: the Javadoc for org.jdom.transform.XSLTransformer is looking
> very dated.)
> Michael Kay
> Saxonica
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