[jdom-interest] JDOM ALPHA - Groundhog Day - 3rd and Final Alpha

Rolf Lear jdom at tuis.net
Thu Feb 2 20:00:49 PST 2012

Hi All.

I have just pushed through the 'Groundhog Day' final ALPHA release.

In theory, according to the schedule, the API should be finalized by now.

There are no outstanding 'known' issues (but two issues are indefinitely 
'deferred' - probably to be closed unless more information about them 
can be garnered).

Please take the code for a spin. If you are new to JDOM2 please see the 
features and migration guides:

Highlights of this release over Alpha2:
- Smaller memory footprint (and faster)
- option of making it even smaller again using the SlimJDOMFactory (but 
at the expense of being slower)
- all known issues fixed
- tidied up some JavaDoc documentation

An update of the schedule is:

- 1 Jan *DONE*
     'New Year' - First ALPHA

- 2 Feb *DONE*
     'GroundHog Day' - today - Last ALPHA
     all current issues resolved - submit any issues to the mailing list 
if you encounter any (*none identified*).
     Deadline for new feature requests/enhancements - mail the list if 
you have any (*none requested*).

- 14 Feb
     'Valentine' *BETA* Release on 14th February - may shift depending 
on any large enhancements/requests.

- 29 Feb
     'Leap Day' Second *BETA* - All class/method signatures 'locked' Bug 
Fixing only

- 9 Apr
     'Easter' JDOM2 Release

It would seem that we are still on track with the schedule, with the 
Valentine BETA around the corner in 2 weeks.

Between now and then I anticipate to be working on documentation only... 
unless something comes up.

As always, this alpha has been posted on the project downloads page:
specifically here:

The JDOM2 web-pages have been updated with the matching JavaDoc pages, 
and the JUnit and Cobertura Reports:

Thanks all, and happy coding


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