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Olivier Jaquemet olivier.jaquemet at jalios.com
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I am for #1 too :
Building a jar of contrib incorrectly let people think it can be used as 
is for production, and maybe sometimes it can, but it is probably not 
the most common case.

Just to provide a counter example if you want to explorer other 
approach, since the solr/lucene merge, the contribs are provided in the 
main distribution, as several jar, one for each individual "contrib". 
Due to the size of this project, it leads to a 55Mb zip distribution....


On 17/02/2012 06:28, Jason Hunter wrote:
> The original purpose of contrib was to share the interesting work people were doing "around" JDOM in such a way that people could find it.  It did not have a very high bar for entry.
> I lean toward #1 as well.  Course, if something is genuinely valuable and fits the core JDOM model then it should move into core.
> -jh-
> On Feb 16, 2012, at 8:43 PM, Rolf Lear wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> I want some input on the way that JDOM has previously shipped as both the 'core' and 'contrib' jars. It is my feeling that 'contrib' is a second-class citizen in the JDOM process... this is reinforced by the fact that I have paid it very little attention in the past 6 months and there are still functional elements in it which are new to me.
>> I do not feel that I am in a position to 'support' the contrib code... if there are bugs, I am not familiar enough with the code to fix them, etc.
>> If anyone has any ideas of how to deal with contrib I would appreciate hearing them.
>> The options I see are:
>> 1. keep the code as 'sample' code, but do not create a contrib jar (my preference, I think).
>> 2. keep the code, build it, but document that the 'contrib' jar contains unsupported code.
>> 3. move the 'valuable' contrib code in to core, 'support' that code, and 'kill' the code that is not valuable.
>> I am interested in hearing people's ideas on this, and I am also interested in hearing from people who use the contrib jar, and what they use from that jar.
>> Thanks
>> Rolf
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