[jdom-interest] JDOM2 BETA available.

Rolf Lear jdom at tuis.net
Fri Feb 24 05:57:31 PST 2012

Hi all.

It has been somewhat quiet this past week ;-) I know that some people have
downloaded the JDOM2 Beta... but, no-one has provided any feedback....

... perhaps everything is perfect? Nothing to complain about?
... perhaps everything is so broken that there's no point in complaining?

If you have played with JDOM2 it would be great if you could provide some
feedback... even a simple 'works for me' would be great. Even a 'It sucks!'
would be useful....

If you have not played with JDOM2 it would be great if you did ... ;-)

This is the last weekend I have before I 'push' out the 'final' BETA
release on the 29th. I have a few outstanding issues that I will tackle,
but, in essence, JDOM2 is, in theory, mostly done. All the remaining items
are around the periphery, they are 'extensions' to the core JDOM2, and they
will not change what JDOM2 feels like.

So, I am really hoping that if there are any concerns that I can deal with
them this weekend.... and stay on schedule for the 29th.

Additionally, there has been no additional feedback on JDOM 1.1.2, so, the
pending fix for the SAXOutputter bug appears to be the only fix needed
before pushing out JDOM 1.1.3 on the 1st of March.

Since it has been requested, and since it is easy to do, I will push 1.1.3
out to maven-central together with the jdom-contrib jar. I will do it in a
way that I believe will do 'the right thing', but I cannot easily test it.
If someone can offer suggestions as to how to test releases on maven
central I am all ears....

If you are aware of any other issues in 1.1.3, then speak up.

I do not intend to release a 'contrib' jar for JDOM2.

Happy JDOMing.


On Tue, 14 Feb 2012 20:19:05 -0500, Rolf Lear <jdom at tuis.net> wrote:
> Happy Valentine's (OK, it's still Valentine's day for Westerners...)
> JDOM2's first Beta release is available.
> Please take this Beta for a spin, and share your experiences... good and

> bad.
> I anticipate doing a 'clean-up' beta release again on the 29th Feb (Leap

> Day) to fix any JavaDoc and other presentation issues (I expect the 29th

> release to be in maven-central too).
> After that I hope to be releasing the final JDOM2 at Easter.
> Have fun!
> Rolf

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