[jdom-interest] V2.x not usable next to V1.x

Brad Cox bcox at virtualschool.edu
Fri May 18 13:28:16 PDT 2012

As I recall, you turned down my offer to help with the end of the problem I
could help with (replicating your ant build process with *NO* source
changes) and never used the pom I sent you for the first step, the compile.
I told you then I couldn't help with the deploy process having never been
that far.

Seems to me these are consequences of a decision to buck the conventions
and jump to right to the deep end (deployment) just to maintain a legacy
build system regardless the costs. These are the costs. Its not maven that
dictates the artifact name must match the jar name. That comes from ant not
maven. For all I know there's a plugin that can remap that even now but
I'll defer to the experts for that.

I didn't answer the questions because they are deployment questions. Again
I've ever been there.

On Fri, May 18, 2012 at 2:21 PM, Rolf Lear <jdom at tuis.net> wrote:

> You never answered any of the 4 questions ;-)
> A few months ago I was begging for maven-experienced people to 'do it
> right'....
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