[jdom-interest] Imminent release of JDOM 2.0.6

Rolf jdom at tuis.net
Sat Feb 14 09:46:21 PST 2015

Hi Jason, I am prepping the release of JDOM 2.0.6. Probably have the 
code done by the end of today, but will need to coordinate with you to 
pull the changes to the org.jdom site.

I just want to get an idea of when you will be ready for that...

Also, I figure we should do more CC-to-the-mailing list items as well ;-)

I have a number of fixes lined up. The performance fix for XMLReaders 
startup-time is probably the most significant. I'll send a list to 
jdom-interest with the changes too.

Anyone have more requests, please speak up, or open an issue in the 
tracker: https://github.com/hunterhacker/jdom/issues


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