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Packages that use Format.TextMode
org.jdom.output Classes to output JDOM documents to various destinations. 

Uses of Format.TextMode in org.jdom.output

Fields in org.jdom.output declared as Format.TextMode
static Format.TextMode Format.TextMode.NORMALIZE
          Mode for text normalization (left and right trim plus internal whitespace is normalized to a single space.
static Format.TextMode Format.TextMode.PRESERVE
          Mode for literal text preservation.
static Format.TextMode Format.TextMode.TRIM
          Mode for text trimming (left and right trim).
static Format.TextMode Format.TextMode.TRIM_FULL_WHITE
          Mode for text trimming of content consisting of nothing but whitespace but otherwise not changing output.

Methods in org.jdom.output that return Format.TextMode
 Format.TextMode Format.getTextMode()
          Returns the current text output style.

Methods in org.jdom.output with parameters of type Format.TextMode
 Format Format.setTextMode(Format.TextMode mode)
          This sets the text output style.


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