Package org.jdom

Classes to represent the components of an XML document.


Interface Summary
JDOMFactory An interface to be used by builders when constructing JDOM objects.
Parent Superclass for JDOM objects which are allowed to contain Content content.

Class Summary
Attribute An XML attribute.
Comment An XML comment.
Content Superclass for JDOM objects which can be legal child content of Parent nodes.
DefaultJDOMFactory Creates the standard top-level JDOM classes (Element, Document, Comment, etc).
DocType An XML DOCTYPE declaration.
Document An XML document.
Element An XML element.
EntityRef An XML entity reference.
Namespace An XML namespace representation, as well as a factory for creating XML namespace objects.
ProcessingInstruction An XML processing instruction.
Text Character-based XML content.
UncheckedJDOMFactory Special factory for building documents without any content or structure checking.
Verifier A utility class to handle well-formedness checks on names, data, and other verification tasks for JDOM.

Exception Summary
DataConversionException Thrown when a data conversion from a string to value type fails, such as can happen with the Attribute convenience getter functions.
IllegalAddException Thrown when trying to add a illegal object to a JDOM construct.
IllegalDataException Thrown when illegal text is supplied to a JDOM construct.
IllegalNameException Thrown when a name is supplied in construction of a JDOM construct whose where the name breaks XML naming conventions.
IllegalTargetException Thrown when a target is supplied in construction of a JDOM ProcessingInstruction, and that name breaks XML naming conventions.
JDOMException The top level exception that JDOM classes can throw.

Package org.jdom Description

Classes to represent the components of an XML document. The Verifier is a special class useful in ensuring well-formedness of documents. The Parent interface is implemented by Document and Element exposing their commonality. The Content abstract class is extended by all the node types of a document except Document itself. The JDOMFactory interface and DefaultJDOMFactory standard implementation provide advanced users with the ability to create subtypes of the org.jdom classes.


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