Uses of Interface

Packages that use SAXHandlerFactory
org.jdom2.input Classes to build JDOM documents from various sources. 
org.jdom2.input.sax Support classes for building JDOM documents and content using SAX parsers. 

Uses of SAXHandlerFactory in org.jdom2.input

Methods in org.jdom2.input that return SAXHandlerFactory
 SAXHandlerFactory SAXBuilder.getSAXHandlerFactory()
          Get the SAXHandlerFactory used to supply SAXHandlers to this SAXBuilder.

Methods in org.jdom2.input with parameters of type SAXHandlerFactory
 void SAXBuilder.setSAXHandlerFactory(SAXHandlerFactory factory)
          Set the SAXHandlerFactory to be used by this SAXBuilder.

Constructors in org.jdom2.input with parameters of type SAXHandlerFactory
SAXBuilder(XMLReaderJDOMFactory xmlreaderfactory, SAXHandlerFactory handlerfactory, JDOMFactory jdomfactory)
          Creates a new SAXBuilder.

Uses of SAXHandlerFactory in org.jdom2.input.sax

Classes in org.jdom2.input.sax that implement SAXHandlerFactory
 class DefaultSAXHandlerFactory
          This SAXHandlerFactory instance provides default-configured SAXHandler instances for all non-custom situations.


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