Package org.jdom2.located

Extended JDOM Content Classes that contain location coordinates.


Interface Summary
Located Implementations of this class know about their location (line and column).

Class Summary
LocatedCDATA An XML CDATA section.
LocatedComment An XML comment.
LocatedDocType An XML DOCTYPE declaration.
LocatedElement This Element specialization contains the location information as parsed.
LocatedEntityRef An XML entity reference.
LocatedJDOMFactory All Content instances (Element, Comment, CDATA, DocType, Text, EntityRef, and ProcessingInstruction) will implement Located, and will have the values set appropriately.
LocatedProcessingInstruction An XML processing instruction.
LocatedText An XML character sequence.

Package org.jdom2.located Description

Extended JDOM Content Classes that contain location coordinates. The coordinates are accessible using the Located interface which has getters and setters for the line and column details.

In addition, there is the LocatedJDOMFactory which can be used to create the Located-aware Content. The LocatedJDOMFactory can be used by a SAXBuilder to preserve the location data on the Content.


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