Uses of Interface

Packages that use JDOMLocator
org.jdom2.output Classes to output JDOM documents to various destinations. 
org.jdom2.output.support Classes used to implement output functionality that are not part of the actual Output API, but rather part of the implementation. 

Uses of JDOMLocator in org.jdom2.output

Methods in org.jdom2.output that return JDOMLocator
 JDOMLocator SAXOutputter.getLocator()
          Deprecated. there is no way to get a meaningful document Locator outside of an active output process, and the contents of the locator are meaningless outside of an active output process anyway.

Uses of JDOMLocator in org.jdom2.output.support

Classes in org.jdom2.output.support that implement JDOMLocator
static class SAXTarget.SAXLocator
          A locator specific to the SAXOutputter process.


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