Uses of Interface

Packages that use XPathDiagnostic
org.jdom2.xpath Support for XPath from within JDOM. 
org.jdom2.xpath.util Classes useful for interfacing the JDOM XPath API to full XPath libraries. 

Uses of XPathDiagnostic in org.jdom2.xpath

Methods in org.jdom2.xpath that return XPathDiagnostic
 XPathDiagnostic<T> XPathExpression.diagnose(java.lang.Object context, boolean firstonly)
          Evaluate the XPath query against the supplied context, but return additional data which may be useful for diagnosing problems with XPath queries.

Uses of XPathDiagnostic in org.jdom2.xpath.util

Classes in org.jdom2.xpath.util that implement XPathDiagnostic
 class XPathDiagnosticImpl<T>
          A diagnostic implementation useful for diagnosing problems in XPath results.

Methods in org.jdom2.xpath.util that return XPathDiagnostic
 XPathDiagnostic<T> AbstractXPathCompiled.diagnose(java.lang.Object context, boolean firstonly)


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