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Packages that use XPathExpression
org.jdom2.xpath Support for XPath from within JDOM. 
org.jdom2.xpath.jaxen Support for the Jaxen XPath Library
org.jdom2.xpath.util Classes useful for interfacing the JDOM XPath API to full XPath libraries. 

Uses of XPathExpression in org.jdom2.xpath

Methods in org.jdom2.xpath that return XPathExpression
 XPathExpression<T> XPathExpression.clone()
          Create a new instance of this XPathExpression that duplicates this instance.
 XPathExpression<java.lang.Object> XPathFactory.compile(java.lang.String expression)
          Create a XPathExpression<Object> instance from this factory.
<T> XPathExpression<T>
XPathFactory.compile(java.lang.String expression, Filter<T> filter)
          Create a XPathExpression<T> instance from this factory.
<T> XPathExpression<T>
XPathFactory.compile(java.lang.String expression, Filter<T> filter, java.util.Map<java.lang.String,java.lang.Object> variables, java.util.Collection<Namespace> namespaces)
          Create a XPathExpression<> instance from this factory.
<T> XPathExpression<T>
XPathFactory.compile(java.lang.String expression, Filter<T> filter, java.util.Map<java.lang.String,java.lang.Object> variables, Namespace... namespaces)
          Create a Compiled XPathExpression<> instance from this factory.
 XPathExpression<T> XPathBuilder.compileWith(XPathFactory factory)
          Compile an XPathExpression using the details currently stored in the XPathBuilder.
 XPathExpression<T> XPathDiagnostic.getXPathExpression()

Uses of XPathExpression in org.jdom2.xpath.jaxen

Methods in org.jdom2.xpath.jaxen that return XPathExpression
<T> XPathExpression<T>
JaxenXPathFactory.compile(java.lang.String expression, Filter<T> filter, java.util.Map<java.lang.String,java.lang.Object> variables, Namespace... namespaces)

Uses of XPathExpression in org.jdom2.xpath.util

Classes in org.jdom2.xpath.util that implement XPathExpression
 class AbstractXPathCompiled<T>
          A mostly-implemented XPathExpression that only needs two methods to be implemented in order to satisfy the complete API.

Methods in org.jdom2.xpath.util that return XPathExpression
 XPathExpression<T> AbstractXPathCompiled.clone()
          Subclasses of this AbstractXPathCompile class must call super.clone() in their clone methods!
 XPathExpression<T> XPathDiagnosticImpl.getXPathExpression()

Constructors in org.jdom2.xpath.util with parameters of type XPathExpression
XPathDiagnosticImpl(java.lang.Object dcontext, XPathExpression<T> dxpath, java.util.List<?> inraw, boolean dfirstonly)
          Create a useful Diagnostic instance for tracing XPath query results.


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