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Packages that use XPathFactory
org.jdom2.xpath Support for XPath from within JDOM. 
org.jdom2.xpath.jaxen Support for the Jaxen XPath Library

Uses of XPathFactory in org.jdom2.xpath

Methods in org.jdom2.xpath that return XPathFactory
static XPathFactory XPathFactory.instance()
          Obtain an instance of an XPathFactory using the default mechanisms to determine what XPathFactory implementation to use.
static XPathFactory XPathFactory.newInstance(java.lang.String factoryclass)
          Create a new instance of an explicit XPathFactory.

Methods in org.jdom2.xpath with parameters of type XPathFactory
 XPathExpression<T> XPathBuilder.compileWith(XPathFactory factory)
          Compile an XPathExpression using the details currently stored in the XPathBuilder.

Uses of XPathFactory in org.jdom2.xpath.jaxen

Subclasses of XPathFactory in org.jdom2.xpath.jaxen
 class JaxenXPathFactory
          This simple Factory creates XPath instances tailored to the Jaxen library.


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