[jdom-interest] W3 DOM support

Scott Boag/CAM/Lotus Scott_Boag at lotus.com
Wed Aug 2 06:23:00 PDT 2000

As I've said before, I don't see why JDOM can't support a subset of the DOM

Changing Xalan to use JDOM would mean that mean that:

1) I would have to abandon the multiple experiments we've had with various
DOM implementation strategies.
2) We would have to flip the finger to all the people using DOMs (Xerces
DOM and others) with Xalan.
3) We would have to abondon the vision based on data access from a driver,
that implements DOM interfaces to relational data and the like.

I would love to support directly support JDOM.  But it's hard to see how
this is practical right now.  I'm open to ideas.


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on 8/1/00 8:28 AM, Artur Radosz at slu at ags.pl wrote:

> Hmm, i don`t want do any conversions. I want use JDOM methods for
> operating on document tree, but later i want process it by XSLT. And
> there is problem, if JDOM will support DOM (level 1) then it will be
> easy. But now i must do conversions, it`s not effective. :(

Too bad no XSLT engines yet support JDOM trees. After all, one of the
reasons I was looking at doing something like JDOM, and why I
enthusiastically helped given the chance when Brett and Jas were first
kicking it around, was all these XSLT engine implementors saying "Jeez, I
wish there were a lightweight tree api that I could use... " :)


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