[jdom-interest] licensing

Louis Tribble louis.tribble at metamata.com
Tue Aug 8 09:44:57 PDT 2000

I'm not a... well, you know.

>  5. If appropriate, the end-user documentation included with the
>     redistribution and/or the software itself must include a text
>     acknowledgement equivalent to the following:
>      "This product includes software developed by the
>       JDOM Project (http://www.jdom.org/)."
>     Alternatively, the acknowledgment may be graphical using
>     the logos available at http://www.jdom.org/images/logos.

"If appropriate ... must" seems incongruous. Is "If possible ... must"
too strong? It leaves some wiggle room. As in, "The company lawyers 
didn't return my call, so it wasn't possible to get authorization to 
include the logo...".

> There are no logos yet, but we'll figure out a way to make some.  :-)

Have there been any suggested themes for the logo?


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