[jdom-interest] getChild() vs. getChildElements()

Jason Hunter jhunter at acm.org
Thu Aug 10 10:45:15 PDT 2000

Brett McLaughlin wrote:
> <small-rant>
> ... 
> </small-rant>
> OK, now I'm back ;-)

Um, I think you had a typo on your email.  The </small-rant> should have
come right before your sig.  :-)  I think Joerg touched an exposed
nerve.  :-)

> Folks, I understand that you want JDOM really simple for /your/
> use-case. However, JDOM isn't for /your/ use-case, it is for simple
> manipulation of XML in Java. 

Let me rephrase that: "JDOM isn't for your use case alone".  It
certainly should satisfy your use case.  And based on your email I think
it does.  We aren't going to simplify to the extent you did with your
private API, but I don't think you were really proposing we do that

The tenet with which we started JDOM and that I still believe is that we
should solve 80% of people's Java/XML problems with 20% of the effort. 
We decided back in May that we could be XML 1.0 compliant and still
accomplish this, and we're working now on proving that.  We do sometimes
get into loud debates, but that's because we all care very much about
this API.


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